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Underbust vs Overbust

So, I decided to attempt the underbust first, before I went to the pattern I was comfortable with (the overbust one).

I made a mock-up out of duck cotton, with the busk, but not the lacing.  I was disappointed.  Not only would I need to lengthen the pattern, but I had a whopping EXTRA FIVE INCHES of fabric on BOTH SIDES in the back.  10 inches total of fabric that was not needed.

You can’t see excess in the back in the photo, but you can see that to match Red’s corset, it needs to be a bit longer in the torso - mostly at the sides. (Excuse my very disheveled appearance. And YES, I wear goggles when I do corsetry.  I’ve had needle shards fly near my eye before after hitting a bone and I won’t repeat that).  It’s hard to see since I’m wearing a dark shirt, so on the left I outlined the top/bottom of the corset in red.


I don’t understand - I measured myself, and chose the correct pattern size.  I also used a sturdy fabric, so it’s not because of stretching.  I’ve never used this pattern before, but I’ve used other Laughing Moon patterns which were MUCH more accurate.  I’m really baffled.  When I made their overbust corset, it nearly fit perfectly - except I had to add a hip gore on each side (a common adjustment that they even walk you through).  But I didn’t have to take it in, or out, or lengthen it, etc.  I certainly didn’t have 10” of spare fabric hanging in the back.

I don’t think I have the time to overhaul the pattern.  Also, I don’t want to order another busk.

I think I will take operafantomet’s suggestion and adapt the overbust pattern that already fits well (give it a pointed bottom, etc.  I’ll probably only play around with the bottom.  It’ll be close enough, and it’ll be comfortable.

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Pattern Woes!

A larger post coming soon.  I do not like failure, but it’s something you encounter a LOTTTTT in sewing.  You just gotta push through and try something else.

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Corset Pattern

One of these days when I need a new size or get a commission for a corset, I’m going to re-order Laughing Moon’s Dore & Silverado corset pattern.  They switched over to a heavy white paper, like Truly Victorian patterns are, which is so much easier to trace multiple sized patterns off of.

Back when I made my corset from this pattern, I was just doing personal sewing, and it was a tissue paper pattern anyhow, so I cut my own size out.  Nowadays, expensive patterns - I always trace a copy off of it.  Anyhow, I was looking to the pattern because I’m going to begin soon on Red’s corset.

However, Red’s corset is an underbust.

I’ve only made three overbust corsets before; not fully overbust but just a regular standard corset that goes about mid-bust.  I DO already have the Laughing Moon underbust corset pattern from a long time ago; I’ve just never used it yet.  

I do worry slighly about whether an underbust would be flattering for me. Like, I’m already busty, and it could make it out of control.  Not to mention arm/back flab being pushed up and potentially a problem.  I can’t know, though, so I’ll make a mock-up out of duck cotton and see how she rolls.

The thing that kind of sucks, though, is I already have a great pattern for the overbust that fits well.  And, I have two busks, (I’ve been meaning to make myself a new corset because my old one has gone through A LOT of wear & tear & repair)… but they are far too long for an underbust.  So if I go with the authenticity and do an underbust (only if it’s flattering), I have to purchase a new busk.  And while they’re only $10-$15 you gotta include shipping and all that crap - it all adds up.

If the underbust doesn’t work out, I don’t think a mid-overbust corset would be TOO different from the original costume.  

I’m not sure if my costuming friends remember that last summer (I think?) I had put my Blue Floral Corset on and it was slightly too big (I had lost weight and I needed it to close about 1/2” to 1” more.  WELL, that’s not a problem any more. (SIGH). Although I have been slowly, very slowly losing weight with these new meds (and the previous stress) - it makes my appetite very decreased.  I’ve got an almost-too-much 2” to 3” gap going on in the lacing.  When I originally made the corset it had about a 1.5” gap which was excellent because it’s adjustable for if you gain or lose a little.

It’s still super comfortable, though - even if it’s tattered now from so much use.  It had a good life.  And, it wouldn’t be too much different in relation to how much of the bust it reveals.  I’ve since taken the lacing off the top (it just looked weird after it stopped lying flat), so more is visible.

Here’s a photo with the blouse to show you what I mean. It already shows a lot of bust…

Then again, you know I haaaaate not being accurate.  (In fact, I need to tidy up the shirt a bit - the sleeves are too big for my taste so I’ll make them a bit smaller.  I might actually cut out the material behind the lace that’s over the bust, and put a flesh-tone fabric behind it, to make it show more but still cover what it needs to cover.

I still haven’t gotten my skirt fabric in the mail yet, but looking at the swatch compared to everything else, I’m SO happy I went with that choice.  Some of you said it might be good that it wasn’t an exact match to the cloak, because it’d be too much red.  I think it’s going to be perfect and give better depth.  Anyhow, I enjoyed your opinions - so I have a question for all of you - 

Do I go with a pattern I already know is comfortable and flattering (AND I have a busk for), or do I potentially waste more time that I might not have and try to get it as accurate as possible?

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I ordered my Ruby skirt fabric quite a while ago, I’m anxious to get it!!  But it is coming from Mumbai.  I want to do the corset last, but I might have to start it next since I’m “done” with the cloak and blouse.  (I might still add a removable option for the cloak with the patchwork at the hem).

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OooOOooOo! Cool spats for Victorian boots with Baroque heel. This is such a simple solution for making whatever boots awesome and sparkly. HELLOOO NEW STAR PRINCESS BOOTS… ( X )



OooOOooOo! Cool spats for Victorian boots with Baroque heel. This is such a simple solution for making whatever boots awesome and sparkly. HELLOOO NEW STAR PRINCESS BOOTS… ( X )


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Perolito the Clown.  He was so adorable!!  Cole Bros. Circus Sept. 11, 2014.   Photography by kaedralynn.

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I was actually able to shoot a little at sundown tonight. There were barely any birds on the beach, though, and too many people for “just” beach shots, but here are my best ones.

Photos by kaedralynn.

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The original photo

Cropped, edited the bottom part out (stairs/beachgoers with flashlights/etc) and a slight color tint to more accurately portray what it looked like.

A very clear night, a very steady hand, and my zoom lens.  This is probably the best my camera is capable of for any type of astro-photography without special exposures or connected to a telescope or stuff like that.

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Ripley’s Aquarium - Myrtle Beach, SC - photos by kaedralynn

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Taken with my DLSR. Only good one out of 40 shots.

Photos by kaedralynn

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Pavilion Nostalgia Park Carousel photos by kaedralynn

Dedicated to Lindley ^_^ (Only because I assume she has fond memories of the Pavilion?).

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Phantom costumes & victorian underpinnings (because I needed to fill two more spaces, haha). Not shown: (Hannibal #1, Elissa Skirt (unfinished), Aminta #2 (unfinished)).

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Carlotta Costumes (Third National Tour, 2007)

Photos I took from the US Third National Tour (Music Box Company) display at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.  Just posting these together in case they hadn’t made the rounds yet.  The incredible detail you see in these dresses is breathtaking up close.  They make these pieces arguably the most beautiful and complicated dresses in the show.  

And yes, if I could have one costume from the show, it would be THAT particular red rehearsal dress!  It’s gorgeous and I love the bold red/black striping in the fabric.  According to the placard in front, the skirt also sports over 700 yards of trim!  I believe that particular one was Anne Runolfsson’s…for some reason that is stuck in my head.  Not confirmed, but they look pretty darn close.  BTW, Anne Runolfsson is awesome.


But the amount of materials and trims seems to be DOUBLE what would even be on a Christine costume (which is probably why I love them) and Christine costumes are outrageous already!  One of these days *shakes fist*

I fell in love with a detail on the Black & White Carlotta dress when I was sitting front row on Broadway one time, and realized the black tassels on the hem of the bodice weren’t tassels, but strings of black & silver diamond-like glittery beads made to look like tassels.  I don’t know if this is a feature on every dress, but it was love at first sight for me.

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